3 Important Travel Health Notices

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides travel health notices for travelers regarding possible health issues at their destination site.  Health issues at any destination can be created by severe weather (floods, hurricanes, etc.), lack of available power resources, lack of potable (drinkable) water, insects, disease outbreaks or wars.  The CDC provides a travelers health page.  The Department of State has a web page on traveler alerts and warnings.  For weather conditions, visit the NOAA International Weather selection page.

The Watch Notice (Level 1) it is recommended the traveler practice the usual safe precautions.

The Alert Notice (Level 2) it is recommended the traveler practice enhanced precautions.

The Warning Notice (Level 3) it is recommended the traveler avoid non-essential travel.

Safety Precautions

Animal safety includes bites, scratches, saliva, fecal/urine exposure from cats, dogs, monkeys, apes, bats, rats.  Rabies is very common around the world.

Bug bites from fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, flies, ticks.  Make sure you know how to remove them, and what symptoms of their toxins, and how to prevent exposure.

Drugs and alcohol use can result in STD’s if prevention is not attempted.

In cold weather, hypothermia, and frostbite are a concern.

Sun/heat exposure from UV rays, can result in sunburns, and heat stroke

High altitudes can result in altitude sickness.  (HACE and Hape).

Natural disasters can cause injury from blunt trauma, drowning, and crush related deaths.

Food and water safety is critical.  Fresh cold pasteurized milk, alcohol, hot drinks and food should be safe. The heat of cooking kills germs.  Buffets can lose heat, and get contaminated.  The safest foods are bottled or canned water, and drinks. Dry or packaged foods are usually safe as long as it is not handled by others.  Raw food, such as street food, bush meat can carry Ebola and SARS.  Risky items include tap water for drinking, showering, and brushing teeth, fountain drinks, and ice. Fresh juice is safe if washed in safe water and squeezed yourself. Fish is risky as it is unknown when it was caught, and how long it was maintained in cold temperatures.








Author: onesmartnurse

I am a Registered Nurse since 2/1992. I have a Master's Degree in Nursing with a specialty in Nursing Education. I have worked in homes, hospitals, and outpatient clinics. I have worked in medical and surgical units, ICU, ED, Pediatrics, Prenatal Care, Immunization services, mammogram services, tuberculosis services. I was the coordinator of an Adolescent HIV Program, as well as an Adult HIV program. I have also worked as a clinical nurse instructor, and was a travel nurse.

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